Talini the winged polar bear is up for adoption. 

Talini is a one of a kind, handmade, poseable animal art doll.  His face was sculpted in polymer clay and inset with glass eyes. His feet are cast in resin from paws originally sculpted by me in polymer clay.  His body is hand-sewn faux fur over a wire armature wrapped with polyester padding.  The wire armature ensures that Talini is fully poseable. Talini has Poseable wings made from wire and goose feathers.

He is approx 21cm tall from feet to head and 36cm long (from nose to tail). He is 38cm tall from the feet to wing tips

Many hours of work and careful attention to detail have been put into designing and creating this fantasy hare doll and I am very pleased with the results.

Please note that this art doll animal is not intended as a toy and is not suitable for young children.




Talini the winged polar bear!

(Talini means snow angel in the Inuit language)

Talini and his brother Qinu were born in a warm snowy den in December to a first time mother. Considering this was her first litter, she took great care of them. She never left the den to find food or water, she was dedicated to her cubs. 

In early April the young family emerged from their Icy den for the first time. They spent endless hours playing in the snow, practicing the skills they would need to survive when they grew up. Their mother began to teach them all she knew. 

Qinu was the brave and often reckless cub where as Talini was shy, quiet and often nervous. 

Spring turned to summer and the cubs were taken out on to the sea ice to learn the ways of the polar bear. During one of their lessons, there was a freak storm! Their mother called them close to her and they made their way blindly through the raging blizzard. As they were making their way back to the safety of the den both cubs suddenly disappeared beneath the ice. They had fallen through a seals breathing hole. 

Talini was first to surface again and scrambled to the edge of the hole, but looking back over his shoulder he could see his brother was in trouble! He  turned around and was able to push his brother up through the hole. As Talini tried to scramble back on to the ice, he was swept under by the current. Talini was unable to swim against the current which pulled him further and further from the breathing hole and his family. Talini began to stop struggling and slowly closed his eyes, giving up. 

From the dark depths a narwhal had seen the courageous act of the little polar bear. The narwhal pushed the limp bear cub to a breathing hole near by and managed to push him on to the ice.

 Narwhals are mysterious creatures and are often thought of as the unicorns of the sea. The narwhal touched the cub with his long horn which began to glow. Talini woke and began to cough and splutter. As he thanked the narwhal he began to feel a strange itching sensation in this back. To his surprise large blue feathered wings sprouted from his shoulders. The narwhal explained that because Talini had sacrificed himself to save his brother, he was able to use his magical powers to bring Talini back to life. He explained that Talini was now the guardian of the storms. He was to use his large blue wings to clear paths in the storms and to help others find their way to safety.

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